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RAM 3500 DRW Auto level load limit?
Hello all,
I had a ram 3500 2017 Mega Cab with Lance 855s.....with auto level which was great, sold that, went to a Newmar all electric tag axle bus.......just sold that........Eagle Cap 1165 coming in next week....I've had a f450 on order for 27 weeks......might be 27 more so I was thinking of getting a RAM for use until Ford comes in.

REALLY hard to find them without Auto Level in the Laramie trim, concerned the 1165 will trigger the airbag failure.....
Question- does anyone have the ram DRW auto level with an 1165/1200?

I will also have tongue weight on it periodically of up to 1k.....of course its easy to add 7500 bags to non auto level but hard to or used. Dealer did a search no RAM within 2000 miles new that is Laramie non auto level. thank you
Ours is not the 1165. But a 1200 and its on our 22 Ram with air assist auto level. Only hauled it 700 miles so far. But has not showed up as being heavy. Our 1200 had a wet weight of 5340 per the sticker in the cabinet.
I did have the drives side air bag air line pop put of its fitting at the end of the trip at home. But people even without any load has had this issue.
Looking forward to lots of miles on ours this year.

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