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Eagle Cap 1165 Bumper to Bumper Length on Ford F350/450 Crew Cab
Eagle Cap 1165 Owners: I need the approximate bumper to bumper length (or front bumper to rear ladder) measurement for a Ford F350/450 crew cab long bed with the Eagle Cap 1165 mounted to determine if this truck camper will fit into a 28' deep garage (13' garage door height).  Thanks!
My camper is off the truck right now but you are fine with 28'.  I believe I measured around 26' length on my 2022 450 with an 2022 EC1165.  Height should be fine as well as we were appx 12.5' to the top of the AC.
pski: Thanks for the 26' measurement of your F450 Truck/1165 Truck Camper combination.  A Lance 1165 Truck Camper owner had reported total bumper-to-rear ladder length of 27'6", so I was a bit worried since the overall length of the 1165 unit is a bit longer than the Lance.  Interestingly, I scoured the internet for over an hour and I could not find any instances of Truck Camper owners who had posted the lengths of their Truck Campers; plenty of information posted on heights, widths, weights, and manufacturer specifications, but no information shared by owners on the actual lengths of their Truck Campers.  I am hopeful Truck Camper Magazine or other internet/YouTube RV publishers/reviewers will pick up on this oversight and begin posting the real-world lengths of the various Truck + Truck Camper rig combinations to help people who are working with limited parking space.  Again, many thanks for your help!

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