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New to me Lithium battery upgrade
Update;  Its been 17 months since I installed the new LiTime (formerly named Ampere Time) batteries and they're still going strong.
So far, so very good.

The batteries do NOT have low temperature cutoff control.  However, due to their location within the camper walls they've never gotten below 40+ degrees in freezing temperatures.  
The most that I've been able to discharge them is to about 60 percent.  
I don't have a Victron but the solar charge controller tells me how many amps went into the battery at days end.  
And it always reaches full charge during the day.  

I've not experienced overcast cloudy days for days on end.  (Normally, I would move to a better climate if I had that experience.)
The result is me. . .I don't worry about running the furnace, the pet bed heater via the inverter, the DVD TV player and lights.
I'm happy so far.
I traded in the problematic 2014 Lance for an 1150 Arctic Fox - wish EC made the 1150.
The rig looks similar to this - nothing exceeds factory weight limits.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=333]

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