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Picking up our 1165 on November 9th
Can't wait! 

The one at Sutton has everything we wanted, once we add the backup camera, and the sale price is better than I expected so we are pulling the trigger.

We love our 2005 950 Eagle Cap but we are ready to move up to something bigger (and with theater seating). 

Bought my 2011 F450 in March and now we are ready for the beast of all campers.
Hi Doug, and welcome back to the "new" EC discussion group.
I'm looking forward to heaingr how both the 1150 EC and the F450 perform for you.
Happy camping!
Loving the camper! 

We only spent one night and then had to run back to California (9 hour drive).  I have Tork lift stable loads and air bags on it and still couldn't get it back to level (1/4" sag).  So I took the truck and camper into a spring and suspension shop yesterday to add two leaf springs to the pack on each side.  Dentoni's Spring and Suspension in Sacramento wanted the truck with the camper on it to make sure it's done right.  When he told me it's nice to see someone with the right truck for the camper for a change I knew I came to the right place :-)  They are going to bring it back to + 1" to 1 1/2" in the rear with the camper on.  I know I'm giving up a softer ride when unloaded, but safety first.

Upgrading the shocks next.  Still deciding between Rancho 9000 and Bilstein 4600...

Rick- No sidewall cracks to report at this time.

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