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Eagle Cap 1165 slide out problems - side wall cracked
Right you are Mr. Rgodfrey4 ! Preaching to the choir, you are! But the reality of the Eagle Cap brand slide outs are such that if you depend on the Schwinteck motors to continuously do the job, you will absolutely eventually get stranded somewhere. If there was a way I could install manual slide out operators, I would. That's why I was wondering if you really had manual cranks for your slides because in my unit, I surely do not but surely wish I did.

Best and Happy Trails.
Hi RGodfrey4 and Coffeethecat. I have been studying the 1165 for the past 2 years and delaying partially due to concerns of slide reliability, and the options if failure happens when my wife and I are boon-docking well outside of any dealer service coverage. From my standpoint, for large, heavy, multi-slide truck campers, the 1165 has the best floor plan, equip layout, storage potential, water/LP capacity of all the campers available, so I really would like it to work out. After much consideration about modifying a 2017/2018 F350 to handle the beast...I am currently considering throwing my retiree Econ 101 sense out the window and going with the F550 with a Douglass service body (I know, crazy economics, but at least it won't be overloaded).

As far as the underpowered slide operation, like you Coffeethecat..., I would always help things out with muscle power to reduce the risk of failure in the field.

1) Any update on the manual (crank) operation question? The current manual on AMLRV website implies "NO".

2) If not, any performance upgrade (or stronger replacement) available for the Schwintek slide motors?

3) Do either of you think that the slide support (rollers, etc) are also underdesigned for normal off-highway operation (not rock crawler stuff, just washboarded dirt roads, normal up/down hills, etc)?

EagleCapOwnerOne - Seems like there should be other owners chiming in than the few on this thread...any other resources out there you can suggest?

Thanks - Steve
Amazon carries Schwintek motor replacements.
This one seems to be the more costly one and has several reviews:
Replacement in-wall motor

Lubrication of the slide track and roller wheel (and anything else you can reach) is VERY important.
This one: CRC Power Lube
I think lubrication should probably be done monthly when the camper is being used frequently.

My current camper has a large Schwintek driven slide out.
(The camper is a used 2014 Lance 1181 model)
Lance screwed up the slide installation and got the gear drive installed wrong - off by one or two gear teeth on the front lower track. I did not detect the problem during time of purchase. Result: lower front slide corner does not full retract - it's off by 3/4 inch.

Even with the alignment problem, it will operate smoothly when properly lubricated.
I traded in the problematic 2014 Lance for an 1150 Arctic Fox - wish EC made the 1150.
The rig looks similar to this - nothing exceeds factory weight limits.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=333]
Hello I saw your post and thought I would contact you I have a 2012 Crossroads Sunset Trail Reserve 31BH Travel Trailer. The power source cord caught fire and the previous owners were told to pull out the schwintek slide out motors to push it back in manually. I purchased the trailer and am having an issue figuring out how to re assemble them since there are several pieces and gears hopefully all the pieces are there as well. I’m attaching a few pictures of what I have if you have any diagrams or can offer me any assistance with this repair it would be very much appreciated.
Your post is the most in-depth investigation that I've seen anywhere on the Schwintek motors.
To my knowledge, the Schwintek part are proprietary to the company and they don't share the kind of information that you need.

That said, parts can be found on E-bay and motors on Amazon.  I think that if you are that deep into the motor system that it would be better to find replacement motors than attempt to repair them.
I traded in the problematic 2014 Lance for an 1150 Arctic Fox - wish EC made the 1150.
The rig looks similar to this - nothing exceeds factory weight limits.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=333]
Since this slide issue is not that old, thought it would be good to follow up on it.

Hello, my handle probably should be "Eagle Pup" as I don't own an 1165 yet since I'm working on getting the right truck first. Would love an F-550 but will be lucky to score the right F-450 with later added suspension/sway bars.

Here's a newbie question on slide care: do I add the lubricate when slide is fully out & do I /should I have a thin, long-necked applicator to reach where I can't see?  This girly girl doesn't want to squirt things she shouldn't... what's best to use?

Has ALP replaced the Eagle Cap AC & Fan/s so it's no longer Coleman? I hear the AC doesn't really reach the bed area so do the bed bunk windows provide cross ventilation when it's raining otherwise of course I'd open the roof hatch w/screen. 

Thanks to whoever replies!

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