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Mods for 1165 Camper and or Truck Mods
TIRE AND WHEEL SPACER MODSSad2002 GMC 3500 DRW Crew Cab 4x4 Duramax w/Allison Trans)
New BF Goodrich  235/85/16  (ten ply with the 3 ply sidewall) All Terrain KO tires all the way around (6 tires) and 2" Fred's Wheel Spacers 2" of solid US steel, not from China. This gave 4" wider stance on the rear wheels.
This made an amazing, amazing difference the way the truck handled!!!! I now love the way the truck handles the mammoth camper!!!!

I will be installing a Hellwig rear sway-bar as the last aftermarket add on.

Moved the TP holder from the bathroom door ( we always caught on it going in and out of the dry bath) to the inside of the cabinet door for under the sink cabinet.

I took a piece of leftover 1"x trim cut at the width of the center door panel and then silicone it to the inside of the door panel and then mounted the TP holder to the piece of siliconed trim.
Looks great and is out of the way but still very easy to get to when needed.

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Rear compartment door holders/catches:
These door panels are very thin and can dent very easy if the wind catches them and slams them in each other. So I put door catches for each of the three doors. Problem solved!!!!! And it looks clean!!!

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Basement Storage Mods:
Installed a Kweekee sliding cargo tray in the basement that pulls out past the compartment. I have found on many occasions that if the rear slide is deployed out, and your getting something out of the basement it is a head knocker!!!! ouch!!!

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The theater seating was in much need of a place to set your beer or drinks.
The cup holders are the flush mount Sea Dog brand they are the larger of the 2 sizes they sell. It is a duel cup holder. Two sizes in one.
You will need a 3 5/8" hole saw and a tube of clear silicone seal to seal them in place.

They now hold securely a beer can and or a RED SOLO CUP (Toby Keith would be proud)

Cost was under $3.00 per cup holder and were installed in under 1/2 hour.

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Great job, looks good!

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