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1165 modifications to my new 2014 model
I just purchased my new 2014 Eagle cap 1165  4 weeks ago on 3/7/14 and have made these 42 modifications that some may find useful:

-changed the 12v batteries to 6v batteries
-added 2 additional 6v batteries in front of the water tank where water pump was(now have 4 batts(416 Ah)
-relocated water pump to other side of water tank
-Installed profill units to all batteries
-Installed winegard satellite to roof (acquires satellite in 90 secs with 400+ channels)
-Installed pure sine wave 400w inverter in  wardrobe closet to power 110v directv box
-installed Directv dvr for recording shows when away and bluray player in closet
-programed direct tv remote in the rf(radio frequency)mode so pointing remote at tv not needed
-pulled new composite AV cables to both tv?s from dvr  for watching satellite shows
-added articulating arm to dinette tv
-added ? Extend a Shower rod ?in the bathroom to extend the shower curtain out
-added a towel rack on the wall above the toilet
-changed the  entry door obscure non-see thru glass to see thru black tinted glass
-added HotRod unit to water heater to make it electric also
-added victron battery shunt meter above slide switches to monitor all current draw/voltage status and SOC%
-Installed 465 watts of solar power(4 panels) for max of 28 amps input at peak sun intensity
-Installed a Zamp ZS-30a  digital solar controller on wall under dinette tv
-Installed surepower battery combiner under sink to auto disconnect truck battery when stopped and charge when driving
-Installed battery select switch for  battery1 bank/battery2/both batteries or off
-Installed 300 Amp terminal fuses on all batteries for safety
-Installed Xantrex 2000w true sine wave inverter in rear cargo hold  with 2/0 cables
-Installed remote on/off inverter switch next to the generator start switch under dinette tv
-installed 150 amp resettable circuit breaker to  inverter
-Installed 3 dedicated outlets just for the inverter on the Island and the pantry wall
-wired white led backup lights with switch  to use as area lights when camping
-welded 2 genuine onan mufflers to generator to substantially quiet the generator
-added additional white sewer hose holder behind the original holder
-remounted toilet paper holder inside bathroom sink door
-mounted stainless steel handicap handrails on roof to grab when climbing up on the roof
-mounted low profile storage pod on roof
-added removable folding aluminum steps by Hijacker to original black steps which look clean and are stable
-replaced Dometic frig  control box with a Dinosaur brand Box(needed for new eyebrow)
-replaced Dometic eyebrow with newer model manual temp setting ability(1-5)
-added remote digital frig/freezer thermometer(shows temps w/o opening doors)
-added clear lexan piece to rear cargo wall to allow visualization of level of water
-changed out loud stock Dometic frig outside cooling fan to 2 quiet valtera fans

-I have a 2013 chevrolet Silverado dually 4x4 and I wanted my backup camera to show up on my gps screen like it does when the tailgate is on.What I did  was go to  the dealer and bought just the camera  that mounts in the tailgate and made a clean box to mount the camera in. I then mounted it on the rear slide where it looks like a factory install.Now I have a high resolution color image on my dash navigation screen when backing up.

I also added BigFoot remote controlled hydraulic levelers to my truck frame so now I never need to carry blocks to level my rig


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